About Room One

ROOM ONE is a unique physiotherapy and rehabilitation concept – offering Gold Standard physiotherapy within the luxury and charm of the Culloden Estate and also in our newly established clinic in Hillsborough. So, patients can enjoy the restorative benefits of a bespoke treatment programme in beautiful surroundings …


  • Room One Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic comprises of dedicated, experienced physiotherapists who work closely with physicians and surgeons to design tailored treatment programmes for each individual.
  • Through assessment and diagnosis we aim to:
    - identify the source of the problem;
    - treat the problem and underlying issues to alleviate pain;
    - prevent pain from returning.
  • At both of our clinics we have fully equipped gyms to help aid treatment and we also have the use of pools for Aquatic Therapy as appropriate.


  • One tailored treatment plan
  • One integrated approach
  • One dedicated team of specialists
  • One luxury setting
  • One collective goal